Bludworth Ball Cleaner

Bludworth Ball Cleaner

The Bludworth Ball Cleaner is a state-of-the-art billiard ball cleaner that has stood the test of time. Created over 25 years ago by the legendary Leonard Bludworth, it uses 16 separate chambers for faster cleaning and a superior shine. Today we continue to work closely with Leonard to manufacture this amazing product.
Over 16,000 units sold world wide!
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Technical Specs

The Bludworth Ball Cleaner utilizes a tray with 16 holes for each individual ball. This facilitates faster cleaning, a nicer shine and ensures the balls aren't damaged by clinking together in the tub.

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Order a Bludworth Ball Cleaner directly online. You can also purchase replacement pads and our Bludworth Spray Polish which helps to facilitate a better clean and brighter shine.

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